Corinne Caratti

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Girl Fort Kochi


Goa 03



Purple Sky


Reflection in the water, A3


Sandscape, Morocco A3


Stonehenge, A4





Varkala 07




Artist statement:
I am a self-taught photographer whose main interest is Portraiture. Portraits of people and portraits of Mother Earth.
The planet Earth is an inexhaustible source of devotion and of inspiration for me. I am mystified by her magnificent creations, whether I am looking at a landscape, at a sunset or at a child’s grin.
I use the lens as a prolongation of my eyes, to fix a moment of inaudible beauty, so that my images become the perfect reflection of my soul. Nature is a wonderful artist and I am only here to witness it and to help others see the marvels around us.
A six months journey across the striking Land of India inspired this collection of images where the colours sparkle in the daylight, where the palm-tree swing in the warm tropical wind and where the smiles glow beneath the golden sun.

Corinne Caratti

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