Dominic Wade

Dominic Wade, BA (HONS) Fine Art
University of Sunderland, North East England

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Artists Statement

The computer has revolutionised the world of visual arts. These are all computer images, from which I have created paintings or kept them as computer images. I have used the face as my subject matter and how it can be changed or simplified.

In the 'Butterfly sequence' I have used the woman's face with a butterfly painted, which I gained from a magazine. The image in itself is rather beautiful and unusual and I believed I could use it and change it using computer software.

I then decided that the computer can be used to record all changes made to the image to create a sequence, and the butterfly was the most dominant feature on the images, therefore it became the subject of the images, the butterfly is isolated from the face, eventually flying within flowers. Eventually the images lend themselves to become abstracted.

The good thing about this kind of work process is that you find something new, something you think will work and follow that through and create loads of images. I have had to cut down the sequence so it can be shown on the site. But I would be happy to create a new sequence to fill a gallery space, especially if the sequence did not start or end but carry on in a full circle.

The 'Faces' image is again a computer image and is concerning the face again. This time how the face can be simplified into a series of shapes and lines. These images were created using 'PhotoShop' and a graphics tablet.

I start with a photograph and then simplify it, by drawing on a new layer above. I then save the simplified image. The images are put together with one image per layer. Again the process allowed me to go further and look at the negative shapes and also make the lines the same colour if I so wish to. I can do this with any face and probably the whole body. I can also create paintings from these images, and I have created a large canvas for my degree show using oil paints. The large painting was created from the 'Faces' computer image.

If you feel you would like some artwork done for you or your business, please let me know, id be happy to hear from you.

Thank You,

Dominic Wade, BA (HONS)

Van Gogh Chair Poster

The project brief for this illustration was to create four separate images for postcards, which when joined together will create one image.

I decided on the Van Gogh chair firstly because Van Gogh is one of my very favourite artists, plus his chair could be broken up and used as some other object within each of the four postcards. I also wanted to try and use the computer to re-created his brushstrokes.

I used the 'Painter Classic' software made by 'Metacreations' and a mouse. The chair was traced off from an image of 'The Chair' in a book. This was then scanned into the computer, where it was sectioned off into four pieces. Each of the four images were made separately so that one would not influence the other.

I used the oil paint tool and a Van Gogh tool in the software to hand paint on the line drawing using the mouse, zooming in on the more detailed areas. The images are influenced by some of Van Gogh paintings such as the man having a snooze is based on the man in the painting 'Noon (after Millet),' the difference is, that the man has been turned around so his head is resting on a beach hut and his legs lead you out of the image, he has also been re-clothed.

Other images such as 'Starry, Starry Night' and his paintings made of boats and corn fields are also good influences. Within the four images, we have:

Cornfield and Path, with fence post; making the top left part of the chair. Pier and water; making the bottom left part of the chair The Cafe; making the top right part of the chair The snooze on the beach; making the final part of the chair.


Dominic Wade

Dominic Wade, BA (HONS) Fine Art
University of Sunderland, North East England

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