Emily Charlotte Davies

Goldsmiths College, university of london: Fine Art

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(mis)understood 2003




library 2003


untitled-2003 (2)


untitled 2003 (3)


untitled 2003 (4)


untitled 2003 (5)


untitled 2003




My work explores the concepts of (mis)understanding and (mis)interpretation through an investigation of text, poetic rhythm and codes in art. I employ the visual rhetoric associated with the schoolhouse to accomplish this goal—as it is in school that we are taught how to be ‘understood.’ More importantly, however, such images allow me to address the personal frustrations I experienced during my school days as a result of my teachers’ ignorance to my disability—as a late-diagnosed dyslexic. On this level, my work engages with the particular frustrations I feel when my written work is ‘(mis)understood’ and ‘corrected’—as I strongly believe that my identity is compromised when I’m forced to use an other’s (correct) language. Each fold in each plane represents the rhythm and syntax of my text—seemingly simple when isolated, complicated when multiplied, yet pointed regardless.

geography lesson,2002


geography lesson,2002


geography lesson,2002


insecure 2002


plane, you are thick,2002


stupid 2002




Title of show: Stand at the back of the class, 2002

Materials: Exercise books, handmade papers, mixed papers, mixed dyed fabric, latex, wax, varnish, plastics, acrylic paint, inks, hand and machine stitch.

Artist Statement:
I aim to compose a language of insecurity through the use of mark making and erasure. Using coding and secrecy, the work aims to suggest something of my experiences at school; feelings of exclusion, isolation and labelling.

Using my school reports, exercise books, and most importantly, teacher’s comments as inspiration, I aim to depict emotion through typography and the language of books. I work with a range of media (paper, plastics, felt, glass and fabric) whilst using traditional stitchery and print. I believe my work is minimal but decorative. Pieces are predominately monochromatic (to reflect notions of insecurity and timidity), whilst acidic hues depict the discipline of teacher’s marking corrections.
My practice is fuelled by a fine art approach, which I express through a craft media. I am constantly trying to discover and research new media, process and research methods. I am fascinated with the concept of installations.
I enjoy exploring the challenges of exhibiting my work and seek public interaction and feedback. I continuously investigate the relationship between the viewer and the work. I am keen to ensure that the viewer responds to the piece, either through conceptual understanding or through remembrance.


Emily Charlotte Davies

Goldsmiths College, university of london: Fine Art

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