Emma Campbell

Newport UWCN : BA(Hons) Documentary Photography, 2:1

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Felmore in Basildon, Essex was apparently designed with the residents in mind. A walk around the estate tells you a different story. The identikit housing only serves to ensure you get lost easily and the pedestrian alleys and corridors became such havens for crime that there are now steel gates erected at every crossroads in an odd attempt to make it safer. The modern housing shapes are beautiful examples of Local Authority simple and functional residential planning, and yet anecdotes tell a more isolated and lonely story.
The old anchors of all British communities, the Pub and the corner shops, were spruced up beyond blandness a long time ago. Residents don’t use the local Travel Inn Bar, I don’t blame them. The coldness and sterility of these surroundings was a shock to me, (I’m from Belfast and the housing schemes there are a lot older, and yet the sense of community is more apparent, albeit through adversity…) as a close friend grew up there and he is warm and friendly and funny – if reluctant to ever return there.
Talking to a few residents you get the sense that something is lacking, but even they aren’t sure what it is. The extreme sanitisation doesn’t sit well and you almost feel like you’re visiting an institution.

My hope through these images was to display the sense of practical design gone too far. One also gets the feeling that you are insignificant and identical in the eyes of the Council.


Pictures of the Band Host who have recently been shortlisted by Dazed and Confused in their 'Re-Creation' competition.
B/W portrait of their Drummer, James Higgott who is also involved with another guitar band called 'Sarandon'



'Our Louise'
Sibling relationships are rife with paradox. The differences and similarities between one sibling and another are the things that shape us. An exploration of one sibling, by difference must surely invite exploration of the other.
This is an extended and ongoing work.



Artist Statement:

My photographs are a product of both my instinct and my training, which was developed in the University of Ulster in Belfast and also in Newport's Documentary Photography Degree Course in Wales.
I take both commercial and personal images, but I am most particularly interested in photographs beyond the pose. The moments when subjects are least aware of their effect on a camera are my jewels.
My personal work is most concerned with the trivia that becomes ritual and important in women's lives. The parts of people's lives that connect and divide them, hence my interest in work and family.
I had a solo exhibition of my Black and White 'Christmas' family portrait in Belfast's 'Belfast Exposed.
I was also part of a group Exhibition in Brixton's Photofusion in 2002, where I exhibited extracts and a diary of my work on my sister called 'Our Louise'.


Belfast, Photoworks “My Family” October 2000
Brixton, Photofusion, Group Show of Portraits, June 2001

Emma Campbell

Newport UWCN : BA(Hons) Documentary Photography, 2:1

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