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Gill Ord
An Experiment with Time
Paintings 1990 - 2004

Studio 1.1 57a Redchurch St London E2 7DJ

07952 986 696

1 - 31 October 2004 open friday-sunday 12 - 6 pm or by appointment

An exhibition of paintings selected by the studio1.1 collective with an accompanying catalogue containing essays by Sacha Craddock and Michael Keenan.

This first London solo show reveals Ord's abiding concerns - using paint to take objects, structures from the real world, holding them strangely isolated between representation and abstraction. What exactly is it that gives something its identity? How do we verify something via its representative on canvas?

These are not fictions but paintings suggestive of double states of consciousness. By the parallel trajectories of lyricism and pragmatism, Gill Ord leads us to a place where being in two minds takes us further than certainty can.


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