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:::::: The online source for creative talent ::::::::

New Visitors provides professional, emerging and student artists with a free platform to showcase and sell their exclusive and original artwork. artshole is an online source for creative talent.

Advantages of showing your art with us:

  • it enables you to sell your art to the public, with no commission
  • galleries, businesses, buyers and the public have immediate access to your work
  • if you already have a website, artshole can link to yours for a small fee of £20 to generate much more traffic to your website
  • artshole currently receives over 500 000 individual visitors per month, this figure increasing monthly
  • you can direct people to your web pages ( through promotional strategies
  • artshole has a free listings section where you can advertise any of your exhibitions or events generating much more interest, add your press release or show details to our whats on page
  • artshole hosts regular exhibitions in central London and can offer gallery space to artists at very reasonable prices. see our exhibitions


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is is a resource for artists and media professionals - publishers, magazine editors, web designers, advertising creatives and gallery curators- seeking new artists. It also features useful information for students and artists with art listings and gallery contacts.

2.How much does it cost to appear in the gallery?

This is the best bit. Its completely free to present your work on
artshole So why waste time, do it now...

3.How can I have my own Gallery on

Its easy, send us an e-mail
with up to 10 images and an artist statement attached. We will do the rest. We will create your page, and provide the following features:

  • Direct e-mail link to you
  • Up to 10 images / flash animations / video-clips
  • Artists statement
  • Link to your own site (if applicable)

The artist always retains ownership of the original artwork unless arranged otherwise.

If you have photographs and no scanner then send us your images and we will scan them in for you for a small cost of

  • £3.50 per print below A4
  • £5 per negative or transparency.

High resolution digital scans of your work will be burnt onto CD ROM and sent back to you in the post.
For our address e-mail

For more information on preparing your page click here

4.Do you take any commission on sales?

No commission

5.How is artwork sold?

The buyer will find your work on artshole and make direct contact with you via the e mail feature on your webpage.

6.What is your privacy policy?

It is the policy of not to disclose personal details such as address and phone number or any other personal information to outside parties.

Do we link to other websites?

Yes we do link to other websites to help generate hits and awareness. We can link to all artists and reputable art related organisations for a small fee of £20 per year.

Advertising on artshole?

Front Page Adverts:
The front page is currently visited by over 500.000 individual visitors per month and is a perfect place to advertise art related products and services. contact for our advertising packages.

Directories page:

To place an advert on the jobs and directories page is free.
Business adverts are charged at £50 per month or £100 for 3 months.






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