James Twells

Middlesex University (1999-2003) 2:1 upper class : BA Honours Product Design and Engineering
National Diploma in Industrial Studies

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Artist Statement:

Since my recent work-experience at AKA Design which lead to my final project my ideas of furniture and interior design have changed dramatically. The idea of integrating technology with furniture is a new concept within the Product Design market and has become more in demand in the past few years with the new development that has been created because it offers solutions and success to the consumer.
The question is: what process is this design going to take in the future? Everyday, we see new products. The speed at which we have to change to adapt to these products is bewildering and dramatic. There is uncertainty about the future but we all know the direction we are heading towards: a future dependent on technology. Perhaps a visible answer is staring us in the face. One of the most striking phenomena is surely information technology it continues the process, which began many years ago and has been growing like a natural system at an accelerating pace.
Technology is taking over us socially; we are constantly bombarded with new technology, which we depend on too much. Mobile phones, laptops, Personal Computers, computerised driving systems; the demand is growing rapidly. This demand is no longer for the basic product it affects the place, the space and the complexity of products. People want everything in their own space at their own convenience.
One of the reasons why home integration is becoming more successful was that its main concern was the user has needs and understanding of the product. We need to look at how people are changing and consider what will be important to them in the coming decade. How will they live? What will they want their homes to provide them with? How will these homes look and feel? The technology has to be built around the user and the environment it is in.

Work experience 2001-2002 - AKA Design
Junior Designer
? One year Industrial Placement in the field of Product Design and Development Design Production
? AKA Design: Work closely with all the professionals that are involved in the process of building or refurbishing a facility and are able to integrate their input into an existing project co-operating with wiremen, acoustic engineers and architects
? AKA Kiosks: They are a product design, development and manufacturing, specialise in bespoke enclosure design and technology integration within the kiosk and furniture.

CAD: AutoCAD, 3D Studio Max, Rhino, Ideas, Alias Wavefront, Solid Edge
DTP: Photoshop, Coral Draw, PageMaker, Illustrator
MS Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Microsoft Project, FileMaker

Other skills
Drawing/Rendering, Model making, Manufacturing skills, Mechatronics, Photography. Process of learning Flash. Languages: Fluent in Portuguese and Spanish.

? Selected to show my Final Product at the New Designers Exhibition, at the Business Design Center in Islington, Angle (2003)
? Put forward for the RSA Design Award (2002)
? Completing my years industrial placement for a design company were I was able to design and manufacture some products for well known company’s
? Coming in the top three in some design competitions set through my University.


James Twells

Middlesex University (1999-2003) 2:1 upper class : BA Honours Product Design and Engineering
National Diploma in Industrial Studies

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