Judith Brown

BA hons in Textiles/ Fashion from Manchester Metropolitan University 1994

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Intricate flower pendant.jpg
Intricate flower pendant


Intricate pendants on ribbon necklaces.jpg
Intricate pendants on ribbon necklaces


Large butterfly necklaces.jpg
Large butterfly necklaces


Large butterfly pendant.jpg
Large butterfly pendant


Red beaded bangle.jpg
Red beaded bangle


Small butterfly brooches.jpg
Small butterfly brooches


Stitched bead pendants on ribbon necklaces.jpg
Stitched bead pendants on ribbon necklaces


Vintage mother of pearl buckle with silver.jpg
Vintage mother of pearl buckle with silver


Vintage mother of pearl button with silver stitching.jpg
Vintage mother of pearl button with silver stitching


Artist Statement:

I use fine silver and coloured copper wires with delicate glass beads to make original necklaces, chokers, earrings, brooches and accessories.

Having studied Embroidery, I have taken a simple stitching technique and pushed it beyond the boundaries of textiles. I use fine wire and treat it as thread, stitching without fabric to create intricate forms accentuated by beautiful glass beads, transforming the wire from a harsh material to a soft and delicate one.

I am constantly experimenting with new ideas and materials. I am beginning to work with found objects such as vintage buttons, and am interested in highlighting the simple beauty of such everyday objects.

My inspiration comes from the colours and shapes found in Indian textiles, Ethnic jewellery, nature, and from the properties of the materials I use.

I currently exhibit and sell my work through galleries and shops throughout the North West of England, and sell at the new Manchester Fashion Market every Saturday. I welcome orders and commissions, please contact me using the form below for a detailed list of my outlets or if you are interested in buying by mail order. 


Judith Brown

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