Katie Lee

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Artist Statement:
The body is now a commodity which an increasing proportion of people manipulate in the search for unobtainable perfection. My work aims to show the intrinsic beauty and value of everyone's body. I have created contemporary jewellery which has a close relationship with the wearer due to its form and the way it is worn. My work is inspired by internal muscle and bone structure as well as the exterior of the body. My pieces use simple geometric forms with subtle curved details, they are adorned through chasing and embossing. I predominately use silver, due to the connotations of beauty and purity reflected with its use. The concept of creating value within the body, which is something that should already exist but many neglect to recognise, is also of interest to me.

It is important for me to photograph my work. The simple soft images show the beautiful lines of the body, complimented by the jewellery that I make. I have created a set of photographic pieces which highlight the lines and structures within the body, adorning these areas with silver leaf, creating a new skin that shows this beauty and value.

Katie Lee

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