Lucy Wade

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Artist Statement

I specialize in video art and painting, heres a bit about my work.
Light, movement, the observation of a 'scenery' and the beauty in the ordinary overlooked detail, fascinate me. I have worked with oil and acrylic paint, charcoal, photography and video. Initially I began to photograph and film journeys as source material for paintings. I became more interested in the possibility of video, in terms of representing movement and capturing time. Most of my video work has been filmed from an internal environment through a window, either from a vehicle or a building. I set a camera on a surface or hold it in a fixed direction and use it to observe the 'scenery'. The 'scenery' is an everyday familiarity of the landscape that surrounds us. It acts as a 'nonsite', like a blank canvas anyone can paint their private thoughts upon. In capturing this phenomenon on video, I am drawing attention to the landscape that inspires our minds to wander away from the subject matter surrounding us and wonder.
Artists who have inspired me include, Marina Abramovic, Adam Chodzko, Simon Faithful, Mike Marshall, Hayley Newman and Paul Ramirez Jonas.


Lucy Wade

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