Michelle Gilbert

University College Northampton, BA(Hons) Fine Art- First Class

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Artist Statement

I create multi-faceted images inspired by the chaotic atmosphere of the urban city. However, like the crowd, I have a range of outside influences within each piece making each a dense web of ideas and a collage of text, photographic and personal hand drawn imagery. I juxtapose a mix of many differing images to recreate the energy and the hustle and bustle of the crowded city space. It is the fluidity of this crowd fascinates me and I aim to capture the differences seen within the environment between the blink of an eye. In the same way my imaginary crowd is not delimited by the edge of the print. It extends beyond mimicking the crowd extending beyond a viewers peripheral vision.

Street furniture is just one form of imaginary that features heavily in my work as I believe it is not only the people within who make up the city atmosphere but also the surroundings. I am especially interested in the contrasts between ‘British’ street furniture that I personally pass every day of my life and that of other urban cities around Europe with which I am not so familiar. I use this to represent the differences in culture and ambience and perhaps my inability to fully integrate with a crowd I can not verbally communicate with. I use my work as my voice.

To create the exact notion of my imaginary crowd I use exact colours that are seen within the urban environment. Sometimes the colour link is an obvious one such as a street sign but other times it is not so, such as the colour of somebody’s coat. Whatever the link may be the colour gets a code. This is not dissimilar to other colour coding used in paint stores or with pantone or HTML colours. This mimics my use of numbers and codes for people. Ever increasingly in today’s society the individual is known by a number instead of a name. Bank account numbers, payroll, national insurance and computer logins are just a few examples of where this is happening today. Increasing population has been a catalyst for this. There are only 26 letters in our alphabet and only so many combinations whereas there are an infinity of number combinations to be used. The number 62790 features heavily in my work as it is one I have allotted to myself in order to distinguish myself from my imaginary crowd I have created.


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