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A new gallery dedicated concept within

Existing and new gallery members are all invited to join in this event.

Two random artists will be pitted against one another to create work by mixing individual skills and styles to create some totally unique work – there are no winners or losers – just fun.

The Terms:
1. Join
2. Make a regular gallery
3. Browse the galleries of your interest, choose an artists who’s work you like or would like to team up with
4. Please invite your chosen artist/s via Robert Young at - please provide:

• Their name & email address
• Your name and email address
• Why you would like to work with them

5. All artists involved have to agree they are happy to mess around with one another’s work (copyright protection is at the discretion of the artists involved).
6. It is up to the artists involved to arrange how the work will be made – e.g. whether or not the artists meet of do it thru post or email
7. The artists then mix it up collectively.
8. Once the work is finished it is emailed / posted back to
9. The work will be put in the versus gallery for the viewing pleasure of the creative world
10. Please tell other artist you know who would like to see your result or to have a go themselves!
11. encourage other artists to join for their own gallery!



The brief:

Please follow the terms above before you read on!

Once you have chosen your artist/s to be involved with you and gained communication with them do the following:

1. Choose a word to base work on – any word of choice as long as it is understandable.
2. This word must be the title of the piece that you both work on
3. Mix up your ideas collectively, individually or any alternative you have to mixing with each other’s work.
4. You can use any media of your choice.
5. Once both artists are happy with the final result you then have to put the following items all in one folder to make the page:
• Include both original artists work/s before they were mixed up
• The final produced image
• A brief explanation why you worked together
• A brief explanation what processes you both used to produce the final image
• Contact details/or links to your page on the website
• All images must be a minumum of 100 X 100 pixels or a maximum of 700 X 700 pixels, a maximum resolution of 72dpi & a maximum file size of 100k. All images must be saved in the JPEG format or click here
• Then post or email the files to

All end results will be posted under the piece title + the names of the artist/s + the date.
These will be displayed in a new special gallery called ‘versus’ – this gallery could increase the chances of freelance projects and will also promote creative interactivity.
The end piece will be posted up on


Example Page:

Robert Brathwaite 2003







Gizelle Del Rosario 2003

These two images were created by Robert Brathwaite and Gizelle Del Rosario.
The images were then manipulated by Robert Young in Photoshop, then vectorized in flash. Robert Young then composed the composition below and coloured the image in with the aid of Robert Brathwaite and
Gizelle Del Rosario. What you see below is the final composition.

OZNOLA 28-07-2003
The above piece titled ‘OZNOLA’ was put together by the skills of
Robert young, Robert brathwaite and gizelle del Rosario.


To see Robert Young’s Gallery Click here
See Robert Brathwaite’s gallery here (link coming soon)
See Gizelle del Rosario’s gallery here (link coming soon)



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