Twan Verdonck

Design Academy Eindhoven. Dept: Man and Leisure.


All Boezels are designed by Twan Verdonck and
produced by the talented people of
daycarecenter “de Wisselstroom”
in Hapert, The Netherlands.


Hingeling One-Offs:
This bird sings softly. Unique piece.



Reura: Take a deep breath of this
snake’s scent and fall asleep.


Hug this monkey and he’ll make
your belly warm.


Tummy One-Offs pink: Hug this monkey and he’ll make
your belly warm. Unique piece with purple tail.


These babies look like you!


Tummy One-Offs black: Hug this monkey and he’ll
make your belly warm. Unique piece with black tail.


Squeeze this little skunk and it’ll fart.


Tooh: Tooh is a mamma kangeroo.


Zoosh: Wobble on this friendly frog
and his cheeks will blow up!


Internship: for Hella Jongerius / Jongeriuslab. Designing “My Soft Office” for Workspheres at the MOMA (Museum of Modern Art)in New York, U.S.A.

Currently also working for Vadobag: as designer/stylist of the trendy bags.

Artist Statement:

“Boezels” by Twan Verdonck.

When does an object become a toy ?

Everyone knows that kids usually prefer to play with the box a toy came in rather than the overly sophisticated toy itself. The most successful toys are those that leave room for imagination and interpretation by a wide variety of
people, and those that truly tickle the senses.

As open as boxes but much more cuddly, these abstract objects become wild animals, friends, pets—a multiform cast of characters that grow with the developing imagination. They have important tactile qualities and a
sense of narrative that naturally elicit touching and interaction.
Developed by Dutch designer Twan Verdonck, these toys are called "Boezels " and are specially conceived for mentally challenged children and adults.

A family of fifteen different furry animals, each Boezel has unique characteristics and appeals to at least one of the five senses. Some can be cuddled, and others wrap around the body to cuddle you. Their carefully-studied balance of material, weight and size provoke strong physical feelings during play therapy, as the combination of exploring the senses in a relaxed state of consciousness in a comfortable and pleasant environment is meant to make a
person more active or relaxed.

Verdonck works with a workshop of mentally challenged adults to produce The Boezels and is also developing additional toys and toy workshops to suit other needs, such as those of the elderly. His company, Neo Human Toys, initiates ideas, projects and opportunities which aim to result in social, commercial and artistic success. According to Verdonck, " Concepts and products which may be thought of as odd or even controversial at first, will soon be seen as must-haves ".
Indeed, his Boezels have also become popular with the design and home interior market—the mark of a successful toy that jumps across ages, needs and lifestyles.

(source: View On Colour 28, text by Lisa White, photography: Bubbles Visuals)

Twan Verdonck

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